Day 009: Search for Solitude
Summary: After a called meeting becomes another fiasco, Devin searches for a place to be alone.
Date: 13.05.2016
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9 Days After Landing — Forests Around Camp

With the meeting called by Morgan and Quinn quickly collapsing into another shouting and shoving match, Devin calls it quits. He pushes his way through the crowd of gathered delinquents towards the little corner of the camp that he calls his own and gathers his gear and belongings together. The shouts and cacophony of voices behind him. He doesn't look back or acknowledge anything that is said behind him. As soon as all his equipment is gathered up, slings his pack over his shoulders, slings his waterskin over his torso and picks up his spear. He gives one last glance towards the crowd and heads out into the forest.

Trouncing through the woods, Devin doesn't seem to care about being quiet or the noise that he's making. "God damn pieces of shit. They're going to be the end of everyone and even as the walls collapse around us, they're still going to be arguing about whose fault it is." He says as he tries to put as much distance behind him as he can. He continues to mutter to himself as he complains out loud. "All they want to do is argue and split the camp into two. They can fucking have it." He continues to trudge on, not even thinking of where he's going or what he's going to do for food once he gets there. He continues to walk through the forest, just following his feet as he vents to the trees and animals who live within them. Perhaps any spying Grounders that are hidden among them as well. Soon enough, all sounds from the camp are long behind him.

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