Day 012: Tempertemper
Summary: Faolan talks to Brody and Eggins.
Date: 21/5/2016
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Faolan Delinquents 

Day 12 — In the Camp

Grounder attack? How fucking dare they?!

Memories of arrows flying, shattering around him, of kids crying out in pain as they're hit, they swallow him up. And that bottomless sense of helplessness and fear and shame as he calls for the withdrawal, that returns too. Faolan marches in through the gates indifferent to the calls of the wall watch asking what they found, what they saw. "Where are the grounders? Are they attacking?" Obviously not, or he'd not be back already, nor would Elias be calling for stretcher and help to carry the injured.

Brody looks up, opens his mouth. That lying fucking cowardly mouth. He doesn't get to say anything more.

The shitstain probably thinks being a delinquent on ground means he can do anything he likes. Thinks there's no consequences for anything. Fuck that. He hasn't considered that there's nobody to discipline Faolan either. There are no questions, no accusations, no further interrogations. Faolan just starts beating the already hurting Brody. He takes a couple of licks when Eggins joins in to try to help his friend, but a bit of pain only makes it more right. There is a supreme sense of joy in being able to just unload on someone and know that they deserve it. He can take both of them even on a bad day.

In his peripheral he is aware that kids are shouting and hollering, and a few busybodies are calling on him to stop.

But why would he want to stop? He is judge, jury and executioner. He believes in civilization and rules and these two useless sacks of meats are the utter repudiation of those ideals. They want to throw everything into chaos, into petty bully tyranny where they can do whatever they want, then just blame the Grounders. The camp is better without them. He tastes blood on his lips and its not his own, and there's a subtle shift in the tenor of the watchers' cries. He knows that he is smiling and in that smile he remembers what it felt like to drive his spear through a Grounder's throat.

He also remembers Fiona looking at him like he is a monster. Him, who actually wants to make Earth a better place for everybody is a monster? And a memory of Layla looking at him like she thinks he's about to beat her up. And Cassandra acting like he's some sort of unstable..

And he looks down and he's lifted his boot and Brody's battered face is staring up at him, or would be if swollen-shut eyes were capable of staring, laying on the ground waiting to be stomped in. And even as a part of him recoils in horror, an equal part still thinks he should just do it. The Delinquents could use being trimmed of some useless fat.

"There were no grounders." It takes an act of will to lower his foot. He walks away.

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