Day 027: The Bitter Truth
Summary: Jumar sums up the last month to his Officer and the Chancellor
Date: 6/27/2016
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Mon Jun 26, 2149 — Quarters of Jumar Beckinson: Camp Jaha

After everything, what Jumar really wanted was sleep… but those lunatics out there might eventually get it in their heads to siege Camp Jaha sooner rather than later. So, it didn't take very long for him to report to Engineering Officer Saint-Claire first to get the ball rolling on the necessities. Now though, time to get the situational reports out of the way. Sitting at his terminal, he began to type.

Engineer Jumar Beckinson, proposal for salvage operations and Forge project

I know you're busy, but figured I'd get this out of the way before I did anything on my own. You might remember me from before. I'm a mechanic with some physics and metallurgy training. As of now, I'm working on learning metalworking as well. I'd like your permission (and a team, if possible) to start working on a Forge for basic components. I'm aware we have a lot on our workload and organizing takes priority, but the sooner we can get it started, the sooner higher quality components become available over whatever scrap we can get. I'd like to head up this project for a start.

As of now, we have diplomatic concerns with one of the Grounder villages. The Trikru at large are at truce with us due to Fiona's work with their leader, but the first village The 100 dealt with we set terms with that will affect engineering concerns. Namely, the dropship.

We promised them the metal in the dropship as part of a cease fire with them. Personally, I'm of the opinion that that treaty crashed and burned when they started to siege us, but I'll leave that to the Chancellor to decide on. I don't believe we discussed salvaging anything in the dropship, however… so it's a safe bet that we can grab our own equipment.

Until I get the go ahead on the Forge, I'll be doing the foundation of it myself in my spare time while work is done in basic infrastructure.

Now, the big one. Jumar took a deep breath to get his anger under control before he started

Greetings. You probably don't know me, but I've heard plenty about you. The names Jumar Beckinson. I can't say I liked being sent down here with the 100 all that much, but I'm probably one of the few who understands why it happened. I blame you and Jaha up there for the deaths in the siege… but unlike some of the others, I'm willing to forgive it, since we have bigger problems. There are a number of realities we'll need to accept if we're going to survive down here, on the ground.

First and foremost… I don't believe a true peace can be achieved with the Grounders without completely enslaving ourselves to them. A cease fire might be feasible… even trade. Their culture is one of absolutes and their own version of 'honor'. Blood must have blood is one of their core ideals, and the whole reason why they sieged our dropship camp. After hearing the actual cause of the explosion at their village, there's no one left to satisfy their idea of justice… and as such, don't think they'll honor the terms for the current truce (if they were reasonable and worthy of trust, maybe… but those are two traits they have yet to show). Fiona negotiated said truce, from what I've been told… speak to her about the details. These people see capital punishment as right and just, rather than the grim necessity it was on the Ark. They are violent and uncompromising when it comes to perceived insults, as proven by their reactionary attempt at mass murder against us. They're a fairly simple war oriented people. Their low level of technology and survival oriented understanding of the world fuels their ignorance of superiority over us. As such, they are arrogant and very difficult to negotiate with if they don't view you as an equal. They don't see learning from us as worthwhile, as they believe they know all they need to know. They see us as invaders. This implies intention to attack, which we didn't have and still don't have. I hope I am proven wrong in this assessment, but I have seen nothing that says otherwise.

Secondly. There is a village we attempted to negotiate a cease fire treaty with, but after their siege of our camp… I don't see it as being valid anymore, as it's my view that said treaty crashed and burned. The relevant part of this treaty to engineering interests is the dropship itself was promised as a source of metal to them. I'd suggest talking to the trio of us who went to negotiate that treaty to discuss other relevant terms of that treaty. Morgan and FIona were among the team that settled those terms.

Thirdly… Mount Weather. The Grounders refer to this place as the home of the 'Mountain Men'. Essentially, any attempt at using technology above a medieval level is seemingly viewed as a threat to their interests, and a missile is launched in retaliation. We know very little about these people, but the gas used on us after the siege suggests they are responsible for our missing people. Why, I don't know… but I'd highly recommend we find out. There was talk of using radios to try and talk to the people in there before. The radio at the dropship might be usable still. I'd like to volunteer for a salvage operation to the dropship and depots around us to get any equipment and supplies for this purpose, assuming Chief Saint-Claire can spare me.

Jumar Beckinson,

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