Day 011: Unity Day - A Conversation
Summary: A conversation is held concerning the new significance of Unity Day.
Date: 18 May 2016
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11 Days After Landing — Somewhere on the Ark

A knock, the sound of a door opening and then closing.

"Did you get it?"


"Enough to make our message clear?"

"More than."


"What about your end? Did you talk to the Blackwood kid?"

"No. Found someone better, someone we can count on."

"You don't think Blackwood could handle it? He killed before."

"I want assurances… I found someone we can count on."

"And they know the plan? It won't work if they act too soon or too late."

"They know it."

"Good. What were your parameters?"

"Simple: Find a loyalist. A loud talker."

Silence, a small nod. "We will make sure our people are the first on the ground, secure the camp, and make sure that we have the majority on the ground. I will not — you hear me — will not allow Jaha to control the ground."

"No. We won't."

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