Day 003: What Cost Freedom
Summary: Grey considers anew what freedom means for him, and what it may cost.
Date: 1 May 2016
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3 Days After Landing — The Woods Near Camp

Lucian Grey sat on a nurse log a little ways outside camp, looking in at the bright, dirty, chaotic, life in and around the clearing. He had thought that Earth meant freedom. But something the two nutters, Faolan and Morgan, had said was sticking with him. Sure, all the crazy talk about bringing the Ark down, or running away where you could never by found was insane. But not caring about what happened after you were gone? That was really crazy. What was freedom, if you were it, if there wasn't anything bigger than you?

He'd joined the Guard to be closer to his dad, and to make sure if someone was pushing and someone was getting pushed, he was the one doing the pushing, but no matter what some of the other ex-Cadets thought, those weren't the only reasons. He wanted the freedom to do what he wanted, of course, and he didn't owe Jackhole Jaha anything. But he had friends up there. Grey dropped his right hand to his left wrist, pulling the braided cloth cord from beneath the medical bracelet and twisting it slowly around he wrist. Were they still okay? Did he want them to stay up there where it was safe, or to come down here where it was… hard.

It wasn't like anyone was telling him what to do down here, or at least, he didn't have to listen, and they'd damn sure lock him up if the Council came down. So what was he? Was he with Faolan, here to get the Arkers down so they could pick up where they left off, only with more green? Was he with Morgan, out to fuck the Ark no matter what? Shifting his pair of spears on his right shoulder, he let go of the bracelet and raised his right hand, nibbling at a fingernail as he continued to ponder the question. What cost freedom? But there was someone coming out of the camp, and they were armed.

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