Day 006: Where Do We Stand?
Summary: Devin contemplates where the 100 stand in the world of the Grounders.
Date: 08.05.2016
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Day 6 — Prisoner Hold - Coesbur, Trikru

Only a day into this and things are already starting to pull at us. We're not sleeping well and we've got to be on our guard. We don't know what they want with us or what they have planned for us, but we have to be ready for anything. That's the thing that's really difficult for me to deal with, the not knowing. I've been sharpening some sticks they use for padding on the floor, so we'll have some sort of protection if we need it. I'm fine with the room and being locked away. It's all I've known in my life. It's not knowing if we're going to see home again or not. Quinn has been sleeping a lot due to her wounds and we don't know if she's going to wake up. The grounders took her today and didn't say why. I have to believe they're taking care of her wounds and she'll return to us in better shape than when she left. It's the only thing I have to hold onto, otherwise there's no sense of hope and we're all dead anyway.

Morgan and I want to trust the Grounders and know they're open to diplomacy and we can come out with a peace between us and they can help us live a better life. They can teach us so much about the area and what we can eat or where we can find water, or even how to build a decent shelter like they have in this village. But I'm afraid that because they attacked us first, most of the others at camp are going to come in with guns blazing so-to-speak. If they do that, then there is no hope for peace between us and we're going to lose the war. The archer woman seems to be someone we can talk to, if only she would speak more than one word to us. We know she can understand us, but she seems to observe us more than anything. She seems curious and could be receptive to us, but trust needs to be built. If we are able to earn that trust, it'll be a thin thread that can snap in a split second. It's a so very delicate situation we find ourselves in.

I fear that the others are going to be blinded by the attacks that all they will see is revenge. I can understand why they may have attacked us as they did. We are strangers who fell from the sky into their land. We discovered some stacked rocks and kicked them over. They could have felt we disrespected them and took offense to it. Who says we wouldn't have done the same thing if the roles were reversed? I hope they don't do anything stupid and destroy any hope for peace that may exist.

If we can't get past our emotions and open ourselves up to the truth that we need these people if we're going to survive, then where do we stand in the world? Ruth already seems to be leaning more towards that camp, but Morgan has the same feelings about them that I do. If our people can't accept the grounders and see how much of a valuable resource they can be, I think I'm going to have to leave the camp and go at it alone. I'm okay with that idea, but I really don't want to. Maybe I'll come back to the village we're being held in and see if they'll take me in. Or maybe I'm completely wrong and they'll kill me as soon as I step foot in their village. As I lay here, looking up at the roof, I keep coming back to that single question: where do we stand in this new world?

I'm afraid we won't live long enough to find out.

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