Day 020: Words Of Warning
Summary: Word comes from the Delinquent camp to… interested ears.
Date: 9 June 2016
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MountainMen Dante Cage 

20 Days After Landing — Mount Weather Security Room

"…repeat, we are in danger of being wiped out and request assistance."

The words crackle out of a speaker on a console covered in glowing lights, attended by a man in a pale khaki uniform. Standing over his shoulder are two other men, one in the prime of his life, the other well along the downward slope. There is a familial resemblance there, although the elder has a peaceful look to him, and the younger a hungry one.

"It repeats at semi-random intervals, Mister President, sir," this from the guard manning the console, "And in Morse Code as well. Someone claiming to be from the Ark, and in danger from attack by 'Grounders.' I presume they mean the Outsiders."

The elder man pats the guard on the shoulder, "I think that's rather likely, Isiah."

The younger man leans forward over the console then, "And they're surviving outside. I think we should respond. In force. Kill their attackers and bring them inside. They could be invaluable to finding a permanent solution."

The elder frowns thoughtfully, "Perhaps. But I don't fancy sending our brave defenders into the midst of a war unless we have to. Assign a team from the Ground Unit to watch the situation."

"Just watch?" The younger man asks, quite clearly pushing for more, "If we intervene on their behalf, they're likely to trust us and want to help however they can."

"Yes, but if we rile the Outsiders too far, they may attack the Mountain. We will intervene if we have to, but inciting a full-blown invasion is not a risk I am willing to take, Cage." With those words, the older man seems to shut the door on the conversation, turning to depart.

Cage watches him go, then looks down to the the Sergeant, "We'll put Team 7 on it." And he smiles toothily, "They'll know what to do if things get… desperate."

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