Day 005: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
Summary: Someone is watching the Dropship camp.
Date: 5 May 2016
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Night of Day 5 — Forests Around the Dropship

The sun has long ago set, dropping the Trikru forests into cool darkness. A strange moon hangs in the sky — a thin, yellowing crescent surrounded by pale stars. Birdsong has ceased, giving way to the soft chirps of insects and the occasional hoot of owls hunting through the canopies. The trees around the dropship loom, perhaps a bit more frightening on this night than the night previous.

It did not take long to find where the rest of the Skaikru had gone. Now the figure in the trees watches through the eyes of a grotesque, wolfish mask. Long, ashed and oiled hair has been pulled back from the lupine skull, and much of the tanned human skin has been darkened to provide camouflage. It sits silently on a thick branch overlooking the camp.

Why are they here, it thinks as it watches several youths nervously look out into the forests at the edge of their camp. Why have they fallen?

Its eyes narrow. Its gloved hand works on the grip of the bow, fingers flexing and relaxing around the carefully shaped curve.

It waits… watching…

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