Before Landing (-357): You're Getting Out of Here
Summary: Hanne says goodbye to a friend.
Date: 8 May 2016
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357 Days Before Landing — Mess Hall, The Skybox

"Oh, look, they are serving the green paste today," says Angela Foxford as she drops her tray down across from the small, and quiet Hanne Keats. She swings herself into her seat, grabbing her spoon as she starts to nudge around the thick nutritional paste. She looks up, fixing Hanne with an arched look. "You're not eating."

Hanne doesn't seem to be paying attention, as she looks up with an owlish blink at the statement. Her expression is one of surprise, as if she had no idea where Angela had come from, but there she is, sitting across from her, with that characteristic smirk. The Agro nerd offers a small, almost shy smile. "Sorry, Ang… mind somewhere else."

Angela follows Hanne's glance when she looks at the far end of the cafeteria table where a brooding, dark-skinned boy sits. Angela arched her brow, looking back at her friend with a rueful smile. "Oh, come on, Hanne… not Lucian Grey. Boy is a walking corpse. Ain't no way he's getting a pardon."

Hanne flushes at her friend's observation, and she quickly looks back at her lunch. "I have no idea what you're talking about," the girl says plainly, taking a bite of the paste haughtily. This only makes Angela smirk deeper.

"Yeah, sure."

Silence lapses between the two friends, and Angela's expression becomes more serious.

"Hanne, I'm serious," Angela says, drawing her friend's attention up once more. "Lucian Grey is gonna be floated. Dude killed his mom in cold blood, there is nothing the Council is going to do for him. Now you," Angela points her spoon at Hanne, "you're just a dumb kid who tried to bring comfort to a friend's dying dad. You are like the poster child of a teenage pardon. No one is gonna float you."

Hanne starts to scoff, but Angela won't have it, she presses on. "You're getting out of here, Hanne. Unlike Grey, unlike me… we're criminals. We're basically just counting down to our last breath. At least Grey's got another four months… I've got a week."

"Ang, they are going to pardon you," Hanne protests, sitting up straight. "You killed a guy who was gonna kill you. They're going to rule it self-defense and you're gonna be out there."

Angela is all smiles, but there is a certain sadness there. She shakes her head. "Sweet, little Hanne Keats." Hanne starts to glare at her. "You have no idea… I killed one of those Go-Sci kids… I'm fucked. You're not. You are so not fucked." She takes a bite of her lunch, casting a covert glance at Grey. "Don't get hung up on him, kiddo… you're putting your heart in a coffin."

Hanne drops her gaze, pushing around her lunch now with her spoon. Angela watches her for a long moment before adding, "You're getting out of here, Hanne. You're getting out, and you're gonna marry some nice Mecha or Agro station boy, and you're going to have that one beautiful baby, and you're gonna live out your life, all happy. Promise me," Angela points her spoon at Hanne. "Promise me that's what you're gonna do."

Hanne blinks in surprise at the force of Angela's words, and she has no choice but to nod in doleful acceptance. "Yeah, Ang… okay. I promise."

"Good… now eat your fucking lunch."

One Week Later

Hanne sits quietly alone, looking at the red paste they have chosen for lunch. She looks across at the empty seat in front of her, and her heart feels immensely heavy. She sets down her spoon, arms folding in front of her. Sadness fills her stomach, sating her hunger with nothing substantial.

A couple of kids pass by her table.

"Angela Foxford got floated today," the boy says, carrying his tray toward the neighboring table.

"Yeah, I know… I hear she didn't even really fight it, like she knew it was coming…"

The pair shake their heads together, and one starts to smile. "Yeah, bitch knew she was toast, doesn't matter what her defense was."

Hanne's belly goes cold, and she shoves her tray away as all hopes of hunger disappear. She glances down along the table, back at Lucian Grey again. Then she looks away. There she sits until the meal is over, and she's taken back to her cell. It is empty now, with her roommate floating amongst the stars. A tear starts to roll down her cheek…

6 Days After Landing

Hanne quickly brushes the tear away, looking out the viewport of the dropship at the swaying trees surrounding the camp. Her gut feels hollow, but at the same time full of ache and mourning.

She was never going to get out of here.

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