The Mountain Men
mount weather


Radiation vulnerability currently unknown to Skaikru
The Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center was designed to be a safe location for politicians, important military personnel, and their families to shelter in the event of a catastrophe. When the Nuclear Apocalypse struck, a small group of these elites were able to get to the bunker and survive. Unlike the few survivors on the surface, they were able to retain some semblance of civilization within their small group.

The Grounders call those living in Mount Weather the Mountain Men, and fear their technological might, despite outnumbering the Mountain Men by several orders of magnitude. Their only saving grace is that the Mountain Men cannot leave Mount Weather without hazmat suits, due to their lack of resistance to the background radiation on the surface.


Currently unknown to Skaikru
The head of the Mountain Men is the hereditary President. While there are other important positions within Mount Weather, including head of security, but there is no official balance to the President's power.

The current President of Mount Weather is Dante Wallace.

Mount Weather Security Detail


Skaikru outside of Mount Weather know they exist, but have not seen them
Trained in combat and security techniques, the Mount Weather Security Detail is a paramilitary organization. Its members are armed with assault rifles, pistols, sniper rifles, and other weapons as needed. They are primarily tasked with protecting Mount Weather, but also undertake missions outside of Mount Weather protected by hazmat suits.

Harvest Project

Currently unknown to Skaikru
In order to combat the radiation poisoning that threatens them every day of their lives, the scientists of Mount Weather have developed a method of using blood transfusions from Grounders to provide limited resistance. Eventually, this process kills the Grounders, and some Mountain Men refuse this treatment periodically because they are ethically opposed to the process.

Both Mount Weather Security and the Harvest Project are under the control of the President's son, Cage Wallace.


Currently unknown to Skaikru
The Mountain Men are far more technologically-advanced than the Grounders, having retained power, computers, art, culture, firearms, and much more through the Nuclear Apocalypse.

Philpott Dam

Currently unknown to Skaikru
The power for Mount Weather is provided by the adjacent Philpott Dam, which runs the Smith River past five turbines. There is also a backup generator within Mount Weather itself, but it can only run the most basic areas of the mountain.


Currently unknown to Skaikru
Surrounded as they are by people who can walk the surface freely and are hostile toward them, the Mountain Men have created formidable defenses for Mount Weather, even beyond the Security Detail with their rifles and pistols.

Acid Fog

Currently a rumor to Skaikru, few details available
The first line in the defense of Mount Weather is called The Veil. It is a fog that can extend out twenty miles around the site, blistering skin and causing coughing with mild exposure. Exposure lasting more than a minute or two, however, causes extreme pain, blindness, paralysis, and eventually death. The acid fog can be avoided by sheltering in caves higher than their entrance, by getting within an enclosed space, or more surely, by fleeing the area.



Skaikru have fought Reapers, but do not know that they are created by Mount Weather
The next line of defense are the Reapers, violent, cannibalistic creatures who were once Grounders. They live in the tunnels beneath Mount Weather, and are created in a process called Project Cerberus that uses repeated injections of a red drug. There has never been a successful reversal of a Project Cerberus subject. Very few even within Mount Weather know that the Reapers are fed on the still-living victims of the Harvest Project to keep them nesting under Mount Weather.

Tone Generator

Currently unknown to Skaikru
Of course, the Reapers would be more danger than use if the Mountain Men could not control them, which they do with a hand-held device that generates a specific tone that incapacitates any nearby Reaper.

Cruise Missiles

Skaikru have seen a missile hit, but do not know the range or targeting requirements
In addition to all of their relatively passive defenses, Mount Weather has a limited stock of cruise missiles which home in on laser designators carried by hazmat-suited members of the Security Detail. The missiles are powerful enough to obliterate a small Grounder village or take a large chunk out of a larger settlement.

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