On The Ground
The 100's first arrival and the start of the dropship camp

With life on the Ark in dire question, the Council sent 100 delinquents ages fourteen to nineteen to the ground. Fitted with bio-tracking bracelets, these young criminals were the canaries sent to see if the Earth is viable for life once more. This entire operation was a complete secret to all on the Ark, with elaborate stories being spun of a viral infection breaking out in the prison station, preventing families from visiting.

Not even the delinquents knew that the Ark's life support would not last more than a few months at best.

Loaded into a dropship with almost zero supplies, the 100 were sent down to the ground. They were intended to land near the emergency response facility known as Mount Weather, but a malfunction in the navigation system caused them to crash twenty-some kilometers from the mountain.

The 100 quickly discovered that the Earth was not only survivable, but home to survivors. They fought with these so-called Grounders, and brokered a temporary peace with them, just in time to discover that not only was the remaining population of the Ark coming down to the Ground, but the Grounders were not the biggest threat to them.

23 of their number were captured by the Mountain Men, survivors from Mount Weather, and the remaining Delinquents and the rest of the Arkers were forced to work with the Grounders to rescue the captured Delinquents, free Grounder prisoners, and destroy the power of Mount Weather forever.

Now the people of the Ark (called Skaikru by the Grounders), must discover their place in this new world they find themselves inhabiting. Will they live life in Camp Jaha, move into the ruins of Mount Weather for greater security, join with the Grounder Coalition, or splinter into smaller groups due to internal pressures?

Current State of Camp Jaha

Shacks and shanties are going up in The Row outside of the main entrance to Alpha Station, being formed of panels from the unusable upper section of the ring. Walls are likewise being erected around the Camp entire, with guard posts peeking up in a few places. Poles have been made from young trees to string up an electric fence outside even the wall. Latrines have been set up, and most of the camp is still eating soy products, with hunting and gathering parties just starting to get their feet under them and bring in enough food to more than supplement the soy diet.

If you have an RP scene that does not involve a Staff-Alt and you think that it should effect the room descs of Camp Jaha, please drop us a +request with an overview and a link to the RP log. If there's a Staff-Alt in the scene, we should be on top of it, but it might still be a good idea to remind us.

Current Projects:

If there's a project you'd like to start that you think will require the assistance of a great many NPCs or some technical skill of some sort, drop us a +request. We'll probably ask for a +roll or two, and get back to you with a timeline or a measure of your success. We'll keep a list of ongoing projects and the PCs working on them here. If you're interested in working on a project, contact the person listed. If no one is listed, contact Staff about taking the lead (they may direct you to a person who was working on it previously ICly).

  • Building a forge in Camp Jaha (Jumar).
  • Organizing hunting parties from Camp Jaha (Grey, Gideon & Silas).
  • Developing a demonstration of radio interference from Camp Jaha (Jumar).
  • Leatherworking in Camp Jaha (Silas).
  • Food Garden in Camp Jaha (Elias & Elliott).
  • Hooking up a water pipe to the lake at Camp Jaha (?).
  • Gathering medicinal herbs for Camp Jaha (Cassandra).
  • Organizing foraging parties from Camp Jaha (?).
  • Ensuring fields of fire are clear around Camp Jaha (?).
  • Working on additional armor in Tondc (Starling)

Supply Status

Critical is worse than Dire, which is worse than Low, which is worse than Sufficient, which is worse than Plentiful.

Item Status Details
Food Dire 600 people require a lot of food, and Alpha Station stores will be gone soon. Hunting and gathering is definitely necessary.
Water Low Water is being carried from the lake and stream, but a direct pipe would make this problem go away.
Medicine Dire There are a few stocks, but no painkillers beyond aspirin, no anesthesia, and very few specialty drugs.
Shelter Sufficient Alpha Station is a little cramped right now, but as Row Houses go up, quarters will no longer be tight.
Weapons Sufficient There are significant numbers of pistols, assault rifles, and other firearms in the hands of the Guard and Militia (including 22 rifles and 171 rounds from the 100), and everyone has at least a makeshift knife if they want one.
Materials Low There is plenty of metal and ceramic from the wreckage, and an acceptable amount of wood from the surrounding forests.
Tools Low There are makeshift blades, shovels, and prybars, along with a small collection of hand, pneumatic, and power tools from Alpha Station.


Before her death, Evie Williams put together a listing of many of the common and uncommon herbs in the area and their uses. It can be found at Project Plant. People interested in exploring other useful remedies might check out resources like this and compare names to growing ranges. Those with native ranges in the Virginia/Maryland area and those available in the Washington/British Columbia are are likely to be available due to our merged biosphere.

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