Game Policies

Game Rating

This game is Rated R. Please be advised that by playing, you are accepting that you will likely be exposed to curse words, descriptions of violence and bloodshed, and other mature themes.

With that in mind, please keep public channels to PG-13. Excessive cursing or exceptionally violent or sexual discussions will not be allowed. Public, Newbie, and all Clan/Faction channels are considered public channels.

If you are uncomfortable with the direction RP is going, you can always ask for it to Fade to Black. Doing so will not shield your character from the IC Consequences of his or her actions, but it will shield the player from graphic descriptions of them.

Public vs. Private Roleplay

While we are a Rated R game, Public Roleplay should not be overly sexual or violent. Publicly roleplayed sex or torture is not permitted, and must be taken to a private room. The RP Rooms are always considered to be private rooms. If a scene in a public room is progressing toward either of these contents, please move the scene to an RP Room.


The 100 MUSH is a non-consent game. Actions taken against another character do not need the explicit out-of-character approval of their player. In a scene where character death is possible and a disagreement occurs, the scene must be frozen and a Gamemaster (GM) must be summoned. If a STAFF member is connected and visible, they may be paged to request a GM. If no STAFF members are connected and visible, please use +request. If a STAFF member is unable to GM at the moment, they may ask that you use +request even if you have paged them.


We believe wholeheartedly in the concept of In-Character Action = In-Character Consequence (ICA=ICC). When an action is taken by a character, their player must accept whatever in-character consequences result from that action.


"Metagaming" is best defined as using OOC Knowledge to effect IC Actions. Don't do it.


Powerposing is the act of writing another character's actions or reactions into your poses or description. Don't do it.

Alternate Characters

We encourage alternate characters (alts) on The 100 MUSH. There are so many possibilities within our theme that we want players to be able to explore several of them if they would like to. However, we do have some limitations regarding alts:

  • You must wait 2 weeks from the approval of your previous character before submitting your next one for approval.
  • No player may have more than 4 characters.
  • A player may only have 1 PC in each faction (Warriors, Grounders, Citizens, Guard etc. — if your character is not part of either of the default factions, they count as part of the 'generic' faction).
  • If you are going to retire a character to start a new alt in the same faction, we ask that you kill off the first character on-screen.

Alts may not share information with one another, nor take any action that may benefit one another. In large scenes such as political gatherings, festivals, feasts, and the like, a player may have up to two alternate characters in the scene, but their characters should never interact with one another and their actions will be closely monitored by the person running the scene. Please note, STAFF reserves the right to request revisions in an alternative character concept or +sheet should there be too much overlap with your current character(s).

If you would like to retire a character for any reason, please contact STAFF through +request. If the retirement is specifically to allow for the creation of an alt, this information must be included in the +request. If the retirement is due to another reason, STAFF would like to know the reason for the retirement, but it is not required.

Staff Alts

Like you, members of Staff are on The 100 MUSH because they enjoy playing games, and are interested in the theme. All STAFF members have at least one PC. To ensure that there is not even the suggestion of impropriety, no Staffer will ever handle +requests sent in by their own alt (besides bugs or other strictly OOC measures). At no time will a Staffer change the +sheet of their own alt for any reason. No Staffer will serve as a requested GM for a frozen scene involving their own alt unless it is a scene with a specific time pressure — even in that case, they will only do so with the permission of every other player in the scene.

Posing NPCs

STAFF encourages players to pose non-player-characters in their scenes to give depth to the setting and provide appropriate background reactions to the events taking place in the scene. No player should roleplay more than a single NPC at a time (unless simply posing a general reaction from a crowd). Players who are running scenes are an exception to this rule.

Unless they're specifically going into combat, player characters should not have more than a single NPC warrior or guard with them. If a greater number of combat NPCs are necessary STAFF must be involved.

Social Skills

Social skills are very much part of the game. Persuasion represents how well-said a truthful argument is, and can be used to sway the opinion of NPCs. Players may determine the reaction of their PC to the content of the argument freely. Deception represents how believable a false argument is, and can be used to sway the opinion of NPCs. Players may determine the reaction of their PC to the content of the argument freely. Basically, social skills provide context for PC-PC interactions, and direction for PC-NPC interactions.

Leadership Characters

On The 100 MUSH, character roles such as clan leaders, their seconds, Skaikru Council people, or a captain in the Skaikru Guard are Leadership Characters. These applications undergo a more intense Character Generation process while also having several IC and OOC responsibilities once they are approved. It is the role of those who apply as or are promoted to these positions to help provide RP and run Events for other players and characters.

These players work in conjuncture with STAFF to help provide additional facets of the metaplot, work with individual characters on story arcs, and provide opportunities to bring a diversity of characters together in structured RP. Beyond maintaining active RP, Leadership Characters are required to run at least one event every 60 days. This event must be posted on the +events board. It can be anything from a structured formal social event to minor skirmish to an intense murder mystery or major battle (please see our Plot Submission process for more information).

Failure to meet this requirement will result in one warning from STAFF. After another 60 day period, if the Leadership Character in question has not run an event, their character will be rostered (or killed off).

Players of Leadership Characters are also expected to be knowledgeable on theme, and comfortable with it. They are a resource for other players to turn to, and must be able to accurately represent and describe theme to others.

Player-Run Plots

We welcome, encourage, and — in some cases — require players to run plots. Scenes which are simple social scenes or small skirmishes with Grounders (during times when they're a hostile force) do not need any prior approval from STAFF. More involved scenes which involve long-running series of events, major battles, or which are likely to change up the political structure of an area, will require prior approval.

To get that approval, the person who wishes to run the event must submit a +request with the following information, preferably separated as below:

1) A brief description of the plot.
2) Details of the enemy to be faced (if there is an enemy).
3) Goals of the enemy (if there is an enemy).
4) Complications that will come up during the plot.
5) Maximum number of participants.
6) Intended type of participants.
7) Three possible outcomes, including at least one where the PCs lose.

Most of these data points can be handled with just a couple of words. We're not looking for a magnum opus by any means, just a short overview of what you're planning and what sort of twists you have in mind.

Idle Characters

We purge idle characters every sixty (60) days. If you are going on vacation, being called up to active duty, or other RL events that may impede your ability to connect to the game, please notify STAFF and place a vacation notice on the OOC: General +BBOARD (+bbread 8). Characters that have been purged cannot be restored to their original +sheet. If you find that your character has been purged and you wish to bring them back into play, they will need to go through the Character Generation process once more. It is highly encouraged you keep records of your characters' backgrounds in case of such an instance.

Idle characters will have their WIKI pages tagged and categorized as IDLE. Their played-bys will be freed up and their icons will be replaced with blanks. This is solely to allow new characters to select these played-bys.

If a character in a position of power goes idle for more than 30 days (without informing Staff), the character will be opened for application again. These characters will be placed back on the Wanted list, and labeled Roster. You may also see a list of rostered characters on +Roster in-game.


There are various forms of harassment, none of which are tolerated on The 100 MUSH. If someone asks you to stop doing something that they are uncomfortable with — whether it be continuing a particular topic on the Public Channels, paging them in a private conversations, sending them +mails, or the like — you are obligated to cease that action.

If a situation requires intervention or mediation, please contact STAFF and they will handle the situation accordingly.

Conduct Detrimental to the Game

This is a broad category, but includes such things as lying to other players or Staff OOCly and causing repeated disturbances on public channels or in public rooms. Players who indulge in such conduct will be given one warning. Continued misconduct will result in being banned from the game.

Character Rooms

STAFF will build up to 1 room for each character. This room may be a place of business, a private residence, or something else entirely (with the approval of STAFF). Player rooms must be +requested, and the +request must include a description of the room and where the player would like it to be connected to the grid. Descriptions may be slightly altered for grammar or theme by STAFF.

Organization Rooms

Player-run organizations may also have rooms built for them by STAFF. They may have 1 room for each 3 characters active within their organization. Organization rooms must be +requested, and the +request must include a description of the room and where the organization would like it to be connected to the grid. Descriptions may be slightly altered for grammar or theme by STAFF.

Raising Skills Above 9

Players may freely use their character's XP to raise skills to 9. A player must send in a +request before raising one of their character's skills to 10, 11, or 12. That +request must include the skill being raised, what it is being raised to, and the justification for that raising. The XP may not be spent and the skill may not be raised until the +request has been approved.

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