Sky People (Skaikru)

The Ark operates under near-martial law, with every crime a capital offense unless the offender is pardoned by the Chancellor. The Guard enforces the laws and deals with crowd control, but they are much more of a police force than a military one.

Voted into office by a majority of the population, the Chancellor is a near-absolute ruler of the Ark unless and until voted out of office. Major decisions like a culling of people on the Ark, however, require a majority vote by the Council. One member of the Council is chosen to take over the Chancellor's office in the event that the Chancellor dies or resigns unexpectedly.

Six of the most well-respected people on the Ark, they vote on major policies. A simple majority is required, with the Chancellor breaking any ties. If a Council member needs to be replaced, the Chancellor appoints the the new Council member.

Section Chief
Chief of Medical, Chief of Engineering, Guard Chief, and every other section chief. They control their section and report to the Council.

The standard worker on the Ark is called a "Tech." They may be a Medtech, an Envirotech, an Electronics Tech, or anything else depending on their job.

Farmers are well-respected on the Ark, since it is difficult to get food to grow on a space station, and everyone depends on their products for sustenance and for oxygen.


The Commander of the Guard, who is the day-to-day leader of the Guard. He or she reports to the Chief of the Guard, who is more of an administrative role.

The Major of the Guard serves as its day-to-day second-in-command, usually working on the opposite watch from the Commander.

Captains and Lieutenants
Officers command watches, listening posts, and the like. They also serve as adjutants for the Chief, Commander, and Major.

Sergeants command individual patrols, serve as seconds in larger groups, and assist with datawork.

The standard Guard concerns themselves with keeping the peace on the Ark, and enforcing the orders of the Council. On the ground, they may have a great deal more to do…

A Guardsman in training, the Cadet's job is to learn the Guardsman's job.

Grounders (Trikru)

Some members of the Coalition are born with black blood, indicating that they are candidates to become the next Commander. Almost all Nightbloods are brought to Polis to join their fellows in training under the Commander. Upon the Commander's death, the Nightbloods engage in trials until only one remains, and that one becomes the new Commander, receiving the spirit of the first Commander.

Each Clan in the Coalition sends a single Ambassador to Polis to represent them before the Commander. The Ambassador is chosen by the Chief.

Healers are valued and respected members of their Clans, trained to use herbs and poultices to keep wounds from being infected and to treat the sick.

Those who make goods — be they clothes, weapons, homes, dishes, or anything else — are valued contributors to the community.

Not all of a Clan's food can be hunted or gathered, and those who tend the soil are an integral part of their Clan.


They may be called the "chief," "King" or "Queen," or some other title, but each Clan has a single leader whose word is law.

Each chief has a sworn protector. This guardian may also be a war leader in their own right, but their main task is to guard the chief or Commander.

Most Grounders fight with easy-to-make melee weapons, either rescued from the pre-Apocalypse wreckage, ground down from scrap metal, or forged anew.

Although they do not use firearms due to the threat of Mount Weather, some Grounders use bows or crossbows to support their close-range fighters from afar.

To defeat the enemy, you must find them, and the scouts are how the Grounders find their enemies, their friends, and their prey.


The role of Second is an interesting one in Grounder culture. Seconds serve as apprentices to their mentors, learning all the skills necessary to take over their mentor's position when the time comes. In some ways, the Seconds make up a second layer of society, as the Second of the chief is expected to be able to command the other Seconds at need. Once a Second (besides a Chief's Second) completes their training, they take up their role in society. For most tasks, this takes place around 17 or 18.

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