Lee Thompson Young
Lee Thompson Young as Samson Goodson
Full Name: Samson Goodson
Age: 18
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Delinquents
Title/Profession: Destruction
Partner(s): None Height: 6'6" (1.97m)
Father: Tyler Goodson Weight: 220 lbs (100kgs)
Mother: Catriona Goodson Hair Color: Black
Siblings: None Eye Color: Brown
Children: None


Samson Goodson was named appropriately by virtue of luck alone. His father Tyler was a farmer and his mother Catriona was a Botanist the two worked together to make sure there was enough food for everyone as best they could, which wasn't easy since they were in space. Samson took after both his parents, like his father he was always bigger than most every other kid, massive, large, he got picked on during school because of his size and how much sheer /space/ he took up on the station. Like his mother he was intensely curious about nature, plants specifically, and he always wished he could see a forest or acres of farm land himself. Little did he know he would get his wish one day.

Unlike many of the 100, Samson's childhood was almost idyllic being a part of a loving and well respected family had it's perks. He never tried to put on airs like a Counselor's child might and while he was never a social genius (Quite the opposite actually) he was a protector of the downtrodden, which made him enemies as well as friends. Since he was more apt to chew on his own boot rather than say anything eloquent Samson was quiet more often than not out of self defense, embarassment, and it made it hard to gain any /real/ friends… at least until puberty hit.

Growing up, as well as out, Samson gained the physique of his namesake due to hard work as a Farmer, helping his father during the 'day' and learning at 'night' from his mother how to be a Botanist he didn't have a lot of time to really socialize but he always attended the dances and other 'mandatory' (according to his mother anyway) functions. Still not a very good talker, his presence both due to size and looks got him noticed, and was eventually what got him in trouble. He would take his dates through the horticulture section since it was /much/ less crowded than elsewhere though it was specifically off limits to non-farmers who might accidentally hurt the plants and therefor the stations food supply.

One of those dates, a young woman by the name of Terry, thought to sneak down into the section and surprise Samson. She surprised him alright… by getting stuck in a compactor that was about to 'recycle' the remains of the last crop. Finding her after the doors had sealed, but before the compactor had started Samson smashed up the machinery, knowing enough about repairing it (as it was farm equipment) to know how to hurt it. He managed to save Terry but destroying /that/ equipment? With supplies so sparse? Off to the box he went only a few weeks before the 100 dropped.

Surviving the landing was something else, but stepping out into a /forest/… Samson immediately fell in love with the Ground. Now he is torn between staying and defending the other 100 or trying to make his own way and finding a good place to start a farmstead, claim some land for himself, see what he can make /grow/… but he doesn't want to go alone. After being on the Ark for so long… being alone is… well, scary.



This is a big young man, standing well over six feet in height he tends to loom and tower over most everyone around him. Broad shouldered, heavily muscled from hours of hard work, he tends to stand out by virtue of his size alone. Black hair is cut very short, the tight tiny curls lacking any sort of widows peak leaving a high forehead on display. Earthy brown eyes are set below squared eyebrows, his cheekbones and jaw chiseled and sharp. A wide nose rests above thick full lips and it all blends nicely with mocha colored skin.

His clothing is a bit tight on his large frame, recycled and used clothing makes it hard to find stuff in his size. His chest alone is as big around as many other men's shoulders. A short jacket of grey and brown panels is worn open because it isn't able to close and a grey long sleeved shirt is worn beneath. Rugged farmers pants of brown and dark grey wrap his legs tightly and large feet are covered with equally large boots.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words - Samson is a do'er more than a talker and that's how he judges others, by their actions more than what they say. Anyone can talk a line, but can they walk the line they talk? That's what really matters. As such he chooses to answer most questions with actions, especially since he's not the most eloquent individual around.

Both Thumbs Are Green - Samson was apprenticed to his mother, and followed in her footsteps when it came to knowledge. Not the smartest individual, he's worked hard, and has a natural curiosity for life, especially plants. His science specialty is Botany.

Open Mouth, Insert Foot - Samson is truly blessed. Blessed with the ability to say the right thing, at the very worst time possible. He always means well, but how he says it usually ends up being either mistaken as an innuendo, obvious, or embarrassing in the extreme. Either to himself, or to someone else present.

Protective. Overly. - Samson is a big guy and he's had to deal with small guys with something to 'prove' his whole life. He doesn't like it. He doesn't like those who pick on others either. He is the anti-bully and the guy who would come to the defense of anyone in need. Even a one time bully if they were now being picked on. He is, an honest to goodness, good guy. Perhaps to much so as his protectiveness could be considered smothering to some.

With These Hands - Samson knows how to fight, but mostly he knows how to brawl. He knows the theory behind weapons but he doesn't really feel comfortable with them, and he's not as good with them as he is with just his own body. In a fight, he'll always default to using his natural weapons over anything else and if he has to use something else he gets nervous and isn't as capable as he otherwise should be.

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*It's Not Your Fault - AWOLNation
*Break The Rules - CharlieXCX
*Amish Paradise - Weird Al

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