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Posted RP Logs: 52.

Day 099: Eye For The Long Term — Kai and Britt talk about the Maunon children and planning for the future.
Day 098: Lessons To Teach — Wren seeks Britt's advice about training Kai.
Day 097: Lost Treasures Of Football — Sev has some items that he thinks Grey might be interested in.
Day 095: The Danger Of Comfort — Luther returns to Tondc for supplies and drops in on Galle.
Day 094: Night Bright — A combined night hunt between Skaikru and Trikru to demonstrate night-vision goggles - EVENT
Day 093: Day On Guard — Alex, Grey, and Nathaniel discuss the Skaikru situation while on guard duty.
Day 092: Kai Training — Wren has Kai meet him at the training grounds to measure her progress and talk about things.
Day 092: Frustrations Of An Emissary — Fiona finds Grey to talk about several situations she's run into, and one that he has.
Day 092: Bears, Horses, Raccoons, Cats, and Bull-Bunny-Panthers Oh My — A mysterious floral crown is worn, and Trikru describe one another as animals.
Day 091: Talking Politics
Day 091: A Not Simple Situation — Fiona questions Natalie about what she knows concerning the Thripoda suspects.
Day 091: A Dual Purpose Hunt — Luther goes hunting with a Scout from Coesbur.
Day 090: Poking Holes In Alibis — Fiona seeks out Jumar for further details about his interviews.
Day 090: A Useless Organ — Sev and Britt learn the value of Skaikru medicine the hard way.
Day 089: Hunting For Purpose — Several former Delinquents talk about the past, present, and future.
Day 088: Showing Off — A Warrior and a Maker show off their climbing ability, and are chastised by a Healer and a Horsemistress.
Day 088: Seeing Eye To Eye — Grey goes looking for Britt with an offer, and they discuss the differences between their people.
Day 088: A Visit To Lincoln — Britt takes Fiona and her parents to visit Tondc.
Day 087: Fishing And Innuendo — Some Trikru take a break from building to fish and chat together.
Day 086: Lake Dredging — Pontus requests Kai's help dredging the lake while talking about family.
Day 086: Choose For You — Rinnan and Britt have concerns about Veks' career plans.
Day 084: Bridges — Whether they are built or burned is open for debate.
Day 083: Trust And Peace — Fiona and Kane talk about the future of the Skaikru and whether Trust or Peace comes first.
Day 082: Meeting Mom — Britt goes to Camp Jaha to meet Katherine, Kai's mother.
Day 081: Rinnan And Veks Arrival — Rinnan and Veks arrive at New Coesbur
Day 078: Misunderstandings — Richael and Britt try to settle things about what happened in the Mountain.
Day 078: Krus And Hunting — A wounded Kai takes Reno out to check snares and talk about the krus.
Day 077: The Importance Of Discipline (Part 4) — Kane finally talks directly to Cassandra about her actions in the Mountain.
Day 077: Leaving — Galle checks on Luther before she heads back to Tondc.
Day 077: Cleaning House — The remnants of Sonia's warband are brought to justice.
Day 076: Water Towers And Drinking Piss — A pair of Skaikru come by NewC to discuss the water system, another injuries his ankle, the Mountain is discussed, too.
Day 076: Transitions — Kai and Wren talk about violence, attitude and romance.
Day 075: Unless They're Azgeda — Oxfor meets with Wren and Kai to discuss her progress
Day 075: Keep Busy — Luther brings Erson a piece of the Mountain, and nudges him to find something useful to do.
Day 075: Fishing With Reno — Reno comes to visit New Coesbur and he and Kai talk about kru's, violence, and fishing.
Day 075: Breakfast, Just Breakfast — Luther brings Galle breakfast in the Healers' Tent, so she can look at his smushed finger.
Day 074: Watch Out For Snakes — Skaigirls swimming in the lake and warnings about riversnakes
Day 074: Pain Remembered — Luther has Galle look at his injured finger, and they talk about the past and the present.
Day 074: In Defense Of A Mountain Man — Kane speaks with Reno about Truman's situation.
Day 073: The Importance Of Discipline (Part 3) — Kane speaks to Gideon about her place in Camp Jaha and about Cassandra's actions in the Mountain.
Day 073: Paging Doctor K — Kai takes time out during the Mountain acquisition run to meet with Doctor Sarah Kirschenfeld
Day 072: So Above, So Below — Britt and Rinnan compare notes about a friend in bad emotional repair.
Day 072: Obsession — Lexa summons Arlin for justice… but justice may not be sweet.
Day 072: Broken Noses And Broken Hearts — Galle and Luther snipe at one another, Fayet breaks her nose, Sev, Fiona, and Tuan check out New Coesbur.
Day 072: Breaking Bread — Jumar and Benning have lunch together by the lake and discuss the challenges Trikru and Arkers face.
Day 072: All About That Bass — Galle and Afaye gossip about the aftermath of the epic party.
Day 071: Trikru Wood — Several Trikru (and even a couple of Skaikru) work on clearing land for New Coesbur.
Day 071: Nineteen Years Too Late — Luther goes to Komfi Itl looking to return something.
Day 071: First And Last — Luther and Galle deal with the results of the celebration. They do not deal well.
Day 071: Awkward — While bringing Kai to a pub in Polis, Britt has an awkward reunion with Sev and meets his sister.
Day 070: A Skaigirl In Polis — Kai and Britt visit the capital. Talk turns to Kai's fitting in, the Skaikru threat, and Britt's troubles with the men in her life.
Day 069: Not Over — Arlin and Britt have a craptastic argument about closure after they deliver the corpse of Cage Wallace to his final "resting" place.

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