Skill Levels

These examples of what each skill level represents are not hard and fast rules, but are guidelines to help with describing your character's abilities and general competence at a given task. Characters may not start the game with more than one LIMITED skill, and that skill may not be higher than 2.

General Overview

1 - A novice, someone still learning the basics.
4 - A professional, someone who will general succeed at basic tasks.
7 - A veteran, someone with great experience and ability.
10 - A master, someone who has nearly perfected their abilities.

Secondary Specialties

Craft and Science require a Quirk to describe the character's primary specialty, the circumstance in which the player can roll the entire skill. For the cost of 2 chargen points or 8 XP (the same as a language), a second specialty can be added. In order to add this secondary specialty, the player must contact Staff. This secondary specialty is rolled at Craft-2 or Science-2.

Particular Skills


Noticing things and being aware of your surroundings. This includes both active searching and the passive ability to notice things.
1 - Someone who notices when someone close to them shaves their head.
2 - Someone who notices when someone close to them gets a haircut.
4 - A member of the Guard or wary Grounder sentry.
6 - A highly-skilled scout or a long-time member of the Guard.
8 - Someone who misses very little that goes on around them.
10 - Someone with exceptional senses and the ability to process the necessary information quickly.
12 - The spiritual successor to Sherlock Holmes.


The use of bows and crossbows. LIMITED for Skaikru and Mountain Men.
1 - Someone who has had a few lessons.
2 - Someone with regular lessons but no actual experience.
4 - A trained Grounder warrior or hunter.
6 - An experienced hunter or long-time Grounder archer.
8 - A ten-year veteran with extensive combat experience.
10 - A masterful archer, a hunter capable of making long shots in high winds.
12 - One of the best few archers in the 12 clans.


Running, climbing, tumbling, swimming, and the like.
1 - Someone who has is comfortable enough running a few dozen feet.
2 - Someone who remembers climbing trees as a child and was exceptional at it then.
4 - Someone who can swim even in full clothing or light armor.
6 - Someone who might win a local running competition.
8 - Able to climb a basic cliff free-hand.
10 - Winner of multiple athletic events at all-clan competitions.
12 - One of the few most athletically-able people in the 12 clans.


The construction of items not requiring mechanics or electronics. Examples: Carpentry, Smithing, Clothes-making. You must note which craft you practice as a Quirk.
1 - You tried the craft once.
2 - You have puttered around with the craft.
4 - You could earn a (marginal) living with your craft.
6 - You could earn a good living with your craft.
8 - You are renowned in your small community (village, station, block of the Mountain) for your craft.
10 - You are renowned in the larger community (clan, Ark, Mountain) for your craft.
12 - One of the finest crafters in the 12 clans.


The use of untruths to influence others.
1 - You told a lie once.
2 - You told a lie once — and it was believed.
4 - An experienced liar — or a politician.
6 - A skilled politician — or criminal.
8 - Someone who could be elected Chancellor on a bed of lies.
10 - You're not quite sure which of your stories are true anymore… if any of them are.
12 - What exactly is a lie?


Defense against melee combat.
1 - Someone who played with sticks occasionally as a child.
2 - Someone who has had one or two lessons.
4 - A competent fighter.
6 - An experienced Grounder warrior or Guard member.
8 - A ten-year veteran with extensive combat experience.
10 - Almost impossible to hit in combat.
12 - You can't touch this…


The use and construction of computers and other devices. Limited for Grounders
1 - Someone who can troubleshoot really basic computer problems (Not working? Reboot!).
2 - Someone who could install a light switch.
4 - Someone who could build themselves a basic computer from pre-constructed parts.
6 - Someone who could rewire a small house.
8 - Someone who could rewire a complex piece of equipment under duress.
10 - A genius with electronics and computers alike.
12 - Someone who had better be working for the Council, or else their alias is probably on top of the wanted list for computer crimes.


The use of rifles and pistols. Most non-combatants don't have this skill, as it ammo is limited. NOT AVAILABLE for Grounders.
1 - Someone who knows where the trigger and safety are.
2 - Someone who has had a few shooting lessons.
4 - A competent member of the Guard or Mountain Men security.
6 - An experienced Mountain Man security member.
8 - A ten-year veteran with extensive combat experience.
10 - Capable of nearly impossible shots.
12 - Carlos Hathcock.

First Aid

1 - Someone who took a first-aid class.
2 - Someone who has regular but infrequent first-aid lessons.
4 - A medic or Grounder Healer.
6 - Someone capable of working in the midst of a crisis.
8 - Someone you want working on you if you're hurt.
10 - Your best friend when things get bloody.
12 - You won't even notice the stitches.


The use and repair of mechanical devices and machines.
1 - You know what a wrench is.
2 -You know that it's important to have the right type of wrench.
4 - A competent and well-trained technician.
6 - Someone who could rebuild an engine from spare parts.
8 - Someone who could build an engine from scrap.
10 - The best hope of the Ark.
12 - Probably designed the Ark in the first place.


Treating injuries and sicknesses with modern, long-term medicine. Default specializations are Clinical (Arkers) and Herbalism (Trikru).
1 - Pre-Med.
2 - Someone in medical or nursing school.
4 - A trained general practice doctor or nurse.
6 - An experienced trauma surgeon or specialist.
8 - A doctor with twenty years experience and multiple specialties.
10 - A master of the healing arts.
12 - One of the best few doctors surviving.


The use of axes, swords, spears as well as unarmed combat.
1 - Someone who has had a few lessons.
2 - Someone with regular lessons but no actual experience.
4 - A competent Grounder warrior or Guard.
6 - An experienced Grounder warrior or long-time Guardsman.
8 - A ten-year veteran with extensive combat experience.
10 - A masterful warrior.
12 - One of the best few fighters on the Eastern Seaboard.


Influencing others through the use of the truth.
1 - Someone who could sell water to the Desert Clan.
2 - Someone who makes a lot of friends.
4 - A politician elected to a minor post.
6 - A politician elected to a high post.
8 - Someone who could be elected Chancellor on a platform of truth.
10 - A silver-tongued bastard.
12 - Someone who could sell a glacier to the Ice Clan.


Resisting the influence of others and other mental strain.
1 - Someone who might turn down a knuckle sandwich.
2 - Someone who can go hungry for a few hours without complaining.
4 - A Guard willing to resist bribery.
6 - A security officer with extra training to resist interrogation.
8 - Someone who could resist torture for a long period of time.
10 - Nearly impossible to bribe, intimidate, or scare.
12 - James Bond in Casino Royale.


Riding a horse, donkey, or other beast of burden. LIMITED for Skaikru and Mountain Men.
1 - Someone who rode a pony a few times when they were young.
2 - Someone with a few lessons in horsemanship, but not many.
4 - A cavalryman or horse racer not likely to fall off in standard riding.
6 - A skilled and experienced cavalryman or horse racer.
8 - Someone who has won multiple all-clan riding competitions.
10 - A master horseman or horsewoman.
12 - One of the best few horsemen or horsewomen in the 12 clans.


Academic knowledge of sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, or Biology. You must note which science you have studied as a Quirk. Given the apprenticeship-style education on the Ark, the descriptions below are for reference only. LIMITED for Grounders
1 - Someone with minor study in a field.
2 - Someone with some understanding of the subject.
4 - Someone who has completed their undergrad studies.
6 - Someone well into their Masters.
8 - Someone who has completed their PhD.
10 - Someone who is pushing the study of the field forward.
12 - Einstein — or Oppenheimer.


Moving quietly, hiding, and picking pockets.
1 - Someone who played Hide and Seek pretty seriously as a kid, but hasn't played in years.
2 - Someone who tries to sneak up on animals for fun — even if they don't succeed.
4 - A new scout or mildly successful pickpocket.
6 - A long-time scout or someone who can actually make a living picking pockets.
8 - Someone who can disappear in a crowded room.
10 - Someone who can disappear from a nearly empty room.
12 - Who?


Wilderness survival, including foraging, and tracking. All Skaikru take Earth Studies classes, but not many have this skill at Professional or above. LIMITED for Mountain Men
1 - Someone who knows you can eat berries and roots.
2 - Someone who knows you can't eat some berries and roots.
4 - Someone who could survive in the woods for a few days.
6 - Someone who could survive in the woods for weeks.
8 - Someone who can track most anything on two legs or four.
10 - Someone who knows all the herbs and can track an animal across bare rocks.
12 - One with the wind and sky.


Throwing spears, knives, axes, grenades, and rocks.
1 - Someone who was a menace with clods of earth in their youth.
2 - Someone who has actually had regular lessons but no actual experience.
4 - Someone who can throw a weapon without making a fool of themselves.
6 - A veteran who can easily and readily throw weapons in the midst of a swirling fight.
8 - A champion at local competitions.
10 - A master of thrown weapons.
12 - The knife goes where you want it, when you want it, no matter the circumstances.


Planning raids, battles, and the logistics for them. Not a combat skill. Among the Skaikru and Mountain Men, this is only taught to security/Guard personnel.
1 - Someone who knows they have to bring food and drink on a raid.
2 - Someone who knows that charging the enemy isn't always the best tactic.
4 - Someone who knows how to make melee and ranged weapons work together.
6 - Someone who could plan a long-term raid into an adjacent sector.
8 - Someone who could plan a long-term raid across several sectors.
10 - Someone who could bring together several clans for a major raid — if they could get them to work together.
12 - Someone who could conquer the Eastern Seaboard with enough warriors and supplies.

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