Theme Disclaimer

The theme is our own take on the world of The 100. We focus on the TV show's version of the theme, rather than the books. This means a lower technology level for the Ark, additional types of Grounders (and the use of the term Grounder), and less time between the Nuclear Apocalypse and the return to the ground.

This game represents a partial mirror universe. Most of the major characters in the TV show do not exist in this universe, though STAFF has decided to maintain the two leadership characters in each faction: Heda (Commander) Lexa kom Trikru and Chief Indra kom Trikru from the Woods Clan people, Chancellor Thelonius Jaha and Councilman Marcus Kane of the Sky People, President Dante Wallace and his son Cage Wallace of the Mountain Men, and Queen Nia kom Azgeda and Prince Roan kom Azgeda of the Ice Nation. These characters are STAFF run NPCs, and to be used for story purposes only.

We recognize that this theme does not belong to us, and between Staff and the players, we will be putting our own imprint on it.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License