Time In Space
captured from The 100

After the Nuclear Apocalypse irradiated the earth and presumably wiped out all life on the ground, the last of humankind came together on twelve space stations to form the Ark.

Life on the Ark was not easy, as every resource was valuable and wasting resources was a crime unto itself. Medical supplies were carefully tracked, food and water was rationed, and even the oxygen breathed was closely monitored. Families were permitted one child only to reduce population, and giving birth to additional children born was a capital crime for both parents.

There was a small, but noticeable stratification within the social hierarchy on the Ark, with workers at the bottom tier and scientists and guards at the higher tiers. It was almost impossible to move up in the social hierarchy unless you were chosen to train as a guard, and that selection process was very stringent.

With almost a century since the Apocalypse, the Ark merely needed to survive another two hundred years to ensure that the ground is viable for life. Little ded most of the Ark population know that oxygen was running out, and soon enough, they would be forced to take their very homes through reentry, and begin life on the ground.

Image Gallery

Stations on the Ark
An Ark Hallway
Earth Monitoring Station
An Example of Ark Tech
The Delinquents' Cells
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