In addition to events going forward, we've included selected events from the backgrounds of approved characters so that people can coordinate ties with established characters. All events are tracked from the landing of The 100 on Earth.

128 Years Before Landing
The Washington NFL team is renamed the Washington Sentinels. They now play at Sentinel Field.

17 Years Before Landing
Rachel Mandelstam floated for giving birth to a second child (Juditha Mandelstam).
Reno Loden born in hiding as a second child.

14 Years Before Landing
Logan Loden dies in an accident.

13 Years Before Landing
Devin Morrison Boxed for being a second child. His mother and father are floated, leaving his sister alive.
Jinny Henderson dies of cancer.

12 Years Before Landing
Rayna Kholmin floated for theft.
Jade Bonheur dies in a toxic containment accident.

8 Years Before Landing
Asher Kholmin & others form a hooligan group in Mecha Station.

7 Years Before Landing
Phillip Wylde, Sr dies in a sanitation accident.
Jonah Kindler boxed for the death of a teacher.

6 Years Before Landing
Decompression accident kills Jodi Fuller (mother to Cole Menge).
Garrett Hubbard disappears mysteriously.
Jonah Kindler (aka Niner) is Boxed for murdering a fifth-grade teacher in Arrow Station.
Allen Kregor Boxed for the murder of his mother.

5 Years Before Landing
Councilor Hal Reid and his wife die in an accident.
Scientist Artemis Greery attempts to fill Council spot, causes a riot, and is floated for treason.
Max Loden Boxed for murder.
Henry Hubbard destroys a portion of the soy crop with a bomb, is Boxed.

4 Years Before Landing
Lucian Grey, Pita Brandt, Edgar Wolfe, Kelton Mason, and Samantha Quinn join the Guard as Cadets.
Paris Grey dies in a Guard training exercise.
Jonah "Niner" Kindler loses a finger in a closing door in the SkyBox.
Hunter Warner Boxed for assault on a Guard.

3 Years Before Landing
Hanne Keats Boxed for theft of medical supplies.
Faolan Greery and Kyler Adams join the Guard as Cadets.
Jabira Henderson Boxed for manslaughter.

2 Years Before Landing
Lucian Grey is Boxed for killing his mother, Joella Grey.
Silver Kennedy boxed for manslaughter after her prototype medical device malfunctions.
Layla Lee Boxed for murder.
Morgan Blackwood Boxed for murdering the Chief of Medical.
Marcus Wellman Boxed for murder.
Cameron Scott Boxed for destruction of property.
Elias Lapointe Boxed for theft.
Mickey Ryan floated for assault.
Jael Ryan Boxed for assault.
Lark Wood Boxed for disruption: stink bombing several sections of Go-Sci.
Madelyn Petrie Boxed for theft.
Natalie Rees attempts the political assassination of Bolton McNeil, a member of the Ark government, using a scalpel stolen from the medical facility. McNeil receives a wound to his hand. Natalie is boxed for attempted murder.

1 Year Before Landing
Asher Kholmin Boxed for murder of a Guard.
Cole Menge Boxed for theft of medical supplies.
Evie Williams Boxed for manslaughter.
Samantha Quinn Boxed for assault.
Earth Studies teacher Michael Larsen floated for theft, along with Fred Bonheur. Cassandra Bonheur Boxed for theft.
Mimiya Viyang Boxed for Treason and immediately placed in solitary.
Jason Antonis Boxed for murder.
Ariadne Tempesta Boxed for murder and theft.
Jumar Beckinson Boxed for the murder of multiple Guards.

11 Months Before Landing
Mikaela Reid Boxed for assault.

10 Months Before Landing
Appeals quietly cease to be heard for SkyBox residents reaching the age of 18.

9 Months Before Landing
Several teens chain themselves to an airlock to Tesla Station in protest of unfairness treatment of workers. Fiona Kattegat, Phillip "Lip" Wylde, Martin Worley, and Cadet William Stone are Boxed for treason.

8 Months Before Landing
Alison Stradford Boxed for assault.
Gertie Black Boxed for theft.

7 Months Before Landing
Ruth Mercer Boxed for theft.

6 Months Before Landing
Edgar Wolfe Boxed for assaulting his father.
Shiva Retter Boxed for the murder of a Farm Station station rep.

4 Months Before Landing
Faolan Greery Boxed for manslaughter.

3 Months Before Landing
Jia Ferro Boxed for disturbing the peace: streaking through the corridors of the Ark and damage to electronic equipment.
Francine Halloway Boxed for theft of resources.
Kyler Adams Boxed for assault.

2 Months Before Landing
Pita Brandt kills his father and is Boxed.

One Month Before Landing
A fight breaks out between two groups of youths. Silas Pike is Boxed for assault and one other is Boxed for murder.
Roger Colley Boxed for disrupting the peace and computer crimes.

Three Weeks Before Landing
Tabatha Imogen Nimue Kinsey Boxed for arson as 11 people are burned in a heat coil fire.

Two Weeks Before Landing
Intensive Earth Skills classes begin for The 100 (The 90-ish at that point). No one knows why. The instructor's name is Jack Carter, and "graduation" consists of him attacking one of the students and the rest having to band together to subdue him. It happens the day of launch.

One Week Before Landing
Kel Boxed for the manslaughter of a fellow Cadet.

Mere Days Before Landing
Zoe Zu Boxed for destruction of property.

Mere Hours Before Landing
Julie Robins Boxed for destruction of property.
A party with illegal alcohol occurs on Arrow Station, leading to a fistfight, a small fire, and the Boxing of Cookie Baker for Disturbing the Peace.

Landing Day
Two delinquents (Victor and Skye — NPCs) die during landing when they get out of their restraints during freefall.
Devin is the first delinquent onto the ground. He proclaims "This place is ours, bitches!"

2 Days After Landing
The first meat is brought into camp after a hunting expedition by Grey, Max, Hanne, and Quinn.

3 Days After Landing
The bodies of three delinquents (Tide, Grecco and Kellie — NPCs) are found in the forests, covered in blisters and boils.

4 Days After Landing
Several groups of hunters go out to bring in fresh meat in preparation for a trip to Mount Weather departing the next day.
Fiona, Silas, Cassandra, Martin, Ruth, and Asher discover the actual course of the Potomac to the north. It is inhabited, but they return with water.

5 Days After Landing
The expedition to Mount Weather departs early in the morning. It returns mid-afternoon, having been ambushed by native humanoids. Two delinquents (Rees and Perry — NPCs) are dead, and four are missing or captured (Ruth, Devin, Quinn, and Morgan).

6 Days After Landing
The missing delinquents are found and the scouting party has to kill a Grounder to escape unnoticed. Returning to the camp, rifts within the Delinquents are healed by an agreement between Grey and Fiona and a group sets off to rescue their fellows.
The Delinquents attack a small party of Grounders, killing 7, capturing two, and losing one dead (Joe — NPC). Several more Delinquents are wounded, but the captives are rescued.

7 Days After Landing
Interrogation of the captured Grounders begins, amid arguments and debate as to how they should be treated. The interrogation does not go well, and very little information is gained.

8 Days After Landing
The Grounders begin to talk to various Delinquents.
Martin, Alison, Cameron, Niner, Lip, Silver, and Devin explore a series of caves including a little stream, killing a panther that finds them there. The camp now has a closer source of water.
During a celebration of their victory at the ambush, an escape pod is seen coming down to Earth nearby.
The escape pod is found to contain the dying mother of Cameron, and critically, a radio. The Delinquents make contact with the Ark and are able to stop the culling of 320.
The discovery of the radio prompts major disagreements, and even brawls, within the camp.
Fiona, Faolan, and Grey, take advantage of the chaos to sneak the Grounder prisoners out of camp and return them to their village.

9 Days After Landing
Morgan, Cameron, and Quinn call a camp-wide meeting. First there is an attempt to convince those that fear the return of the Arkers to put together a plan to flee, and then a call to vote on returning the Grounder prisoners. It is noticed that they are gone. This angers many people. Arguments ensue.

10 Days After Landing
Fiona, Faolan, and Grey return to camp with the head of the nearby Grounder village. Arguments are made, a few punches thrown, but it is generally agreed that the Delinquents will help the Grounders with their sick, and there will be a summit between the two communities.
Quinn, Fiona, and Morgan are chosen by popular vote to be the Delinquent representatives at the peace summit if one can be obtained.

11 Days After Landing
Oxfor returns to Coesbur. He is accompanied by Morgan and Silver as medtechs, Faolan, Asher, and Niner as guards and Frankie, Fiona, Cassandra, Cameron, and Martin as assistants. They begin working to heal the sick Grounders.
Mimi, Jason, and Quinn explore a buried, looted, and ruined Wal-mart. Injuries ensue.
Grey helps Wren, Que, and Grimm recover the bodies of Grounder dead in the Rescue. The Grounders in turn help Grey recover the bodies of Perry and Rees (NPCs killed in the Ambush).

12 Days After Landing
Quinn, Alison, Lip, and Max search for and investigate an underground supply depot. They return to camp with blankets, fatigues, rifles, and ammunition.
Grey is beaten by Rawlins (NPC) and several associates for his supposed pro-Grounder, Ark Loyalist stances. The bullies later unsuccessfully try to pin the attack on Grounders.

13 Days After Landing
Que, Arlin, and Gideon approach the Delinquent Camp, asking for entrance. It is granted, although an argument between them and Mimi, Grey, and Max breaks out. The Grounders withdraw outside the Camp to stay at least overnight.

14 Days After Landing
The Grounder delegation hurries back to Coesbur.

15 Days After Landing
Fiona, Morgan, and Quinn meet with the Grounder chief outside Coesbur. A ceasefire is agreed upon, until the Ark lands.
Grey, Kai, Max, Cole, Lip, and Alison manage to kill the river snake infesting the watering hole, allowing Delinquents to learn to swim, to wash, and to get water more easily.

16 Days After Landing Unity Day
The Delinquents celebrate the successful summit and Unity Day. Chancellor Jaha promises elections for Chancellor and a Council for the Ground one month after landing. The transmission cuts out suddenly during the pageant.
Almost immediately thereafter, the body of Evie is found just outside the camp gates. Mags (NPC) is "arrested" for the murder.

17 Days After Landing
Mags (NPC) is tried for the murder of Evie by the whole camp. She is found overwhelmingly guilty, and sentenced to death by a much narrower margin. She mentions a conspiracy on the Ark against Chancellor Jaha.
Mags Trentin (NPC) is executed for the murder of Evie Williams. A dropship or part of the Ark re-enters the atmosphere 36 hours early, on a terminal course, and crashes well to the east of camp.

18 Days After Landing
A group containing Max, Martin, Lark, Gertie, Lip, and Grey departs from camp to investigate the crash site.
Another group containing Elias, Silas, Cameron, Kai, and Devin departs to search for hunters missing since Day 15 AL. They discover Asher and Cassandra instead, and bring the wounded Delinquents back to camp, where a fever begins to rage.

19 Days After Landing
The group at the crash site discovers that the dropship has landed on and obliterated a Grounder village, and runs into hostile Grounders.

20 Days After Landing
A small group of Grounders attacks the Camp, but is driven off by rifle fire and the intervention of other Grounders including Arlin, Wren, Britt, Rinnan, and Tuan.
Preparations begin for the defense of the Camp.

21 Days After Landing
The group from the crash site returns with wounded. Gideon kom Trikru offers her aid to the Delinquents, who accept (grudgingly in some cases).
The first of the ex-C rifle lessons begins, taught by Stone, Kai, and Grey.

22 Days After Landing
A Grounder trader, Bruns kom Trikru slips through the blockade to offer items for trade to the Delinquents.
Several Delinquents break the tension by playing a variant of Truth or Dare with Cameron's dice.
Britt kom Trikru, Arlin kom Trikru, and Tuan kom Trikru deliver an offer from Sonia to Fiona and Grey.

23 Days After Landing
Que kom Trikru comes to the Delinquent Camp to deliver surgical needles as promised, and also to offer a trade for the use of his tools.
Kai, Fiona, and Elias plan a hail-mary trip to try to talk to Indra kom Trikru.
Kai interrupts an attempt to sway the vote on whether to take up Sonia's offer or not.
Gideon kom Trikru provides a lesson in the chaos of combat to several Delinquents.
A group of Delinquents provides their response — a resounding 'no' — to Sonia's offer to Britt. There may be some disagreement about other points as well.
Sonia's scouts fire another volley of arrows at the camp, just to keep them on their toes.

24 Days After Landing
Fiona Kattegat is elected the Camp's representative to Indra with the title of Ambassador.
Arrows continue to be fired at Delinquents working outside the walls.
Late at night, the Hail Mary team, aided by Tuan kom Trikru, departs Camp and sneaks north, followed by two Grounder scouts.

25 Days After Landing
The Hail Mary team arrives at Coesbur and gains several more escorts.
Hanne Keats is injured tending to her herb gardens and is brought back to Camp for medical treatment.
Preparations for an assault continue, as does Grounder harassment of those working on the preparations.
The Hail Mary team encounters a Grounder patrol on the road to Tondc, and is diverted to Indra's warcamp.

26 Days After Landing
Stone, Asher, Shi, Ariadne, Morgan, Cameron, Max, Reno, Ruth, Madelyn, and four other Delinquents (NPCs) run the Grounder blockade to fetch water. Four die, nearly everyone is wounded, but they come back with water.

27 Days After Landing
The Hail Mary team meets with Indra. It does not go wonderfully at first.

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