Applications are now open both for Delinquents and non-Delinquent Arkers.


We have accounted for nearly all of the 100 Delinquents through PCs or through deaths in RP. As such, Delinquent applications are closed.


Chargen is open for Cadets, Guardsmen, and Guard Sergeants. At this time, we are not planning to allow characters to app in as Lieutenants, Captains, Majors, or the Commander, although these ranks can certainly be earned through RP.

Straight-Arrow Guards

Characters who joined the Guard to do something right, to protect their people and their Ark.

Corrupt Guards

Characters who joined the Guard to get into a position of power where they could gain something for themselves.

Guard Cadets

Characters who are still Cadets are particularly interesting, as they would be classmates of the ex-Cs and peers to the Delinquents.


Ark adults and non-Delinquent teens are now open for application.

A Wide Variety of Jobs

Some ideas for jobs include: Aide to a politician, Research Scientist (many different fields), Research Assistant, Guard (see above), Medtech, Repair Tech (computers or mechanical), Maintenance Tech (computers or mechanical), AgroTech, Seamstress, "Seamstress," Culinary/Food Service Tech, Logistician (planning the use of supplies), Computer Operator (in Earth Ops, Space Ops, or somewhere else), Janitor, or whatever else you can come up with that makes sense for the Ark.

Former Inmates

Young former-inmates of the SkyBox could be very interesting. They would have to be either nearly 19 or already 19, as appeals stopped being heard in early August Before Landing.

Limited Ark Roles

MedTechs' Children

We currently have a large number of children of doctors/medtechs. Unless this is an integral part of your concept, please choose another occupation for your character's parents. Check out the Arkers section above for some examples of other occupations.

Delinquents in the Know

Except for those already in Chargen, who have already discussed it with Staff, we will not be allowing any more Delinquent PCs who had prior knowledge of The 100's mission to Earth.



Characters must have reasons to have ties with the Skaikru when creating a Grounder. We strive to keep our RP centralized, so think about how your character would work with the Delinquents (and eventually Arkers). For more information on the positions and roles available to Trikru, please check our Roles + Titles page.

The Fascinated

Characters fascinated by the newcomers, interested in just who these strange people from the sky are.

The Suspicious

Characters suspicious of the Skaikru's motives in their sudden arrival in Trikru lands.

The Tech-Hungry

Characters fascinated not with the Skaikru themselves, but the fantastic tech that they have brought to the Ground. Almost all of the tech on the Ground is non-functional, beyond what the Mountain Men have.

The Entrepreneurs

Characters looking to better themselves by providing the Skaikru with goods and services that they cannot make or perform for themselves.

The Reluctant Allies

Characters who do not trust the Skaikru at all, but will work with them due to some call of duty.

Limited Grounder Roles

History-Interested Grounders

We already have plenty of collectors of lost artifacts and searchers for pre-Apocalypse lore.

Healers from Tondc or Coesbur

Given the rarity of healers in the show, we definitely have enough PC healers from Tondc and Coesbur. It's possible to still create one from Polis, but the character would need a very good reason to be in the area with the rest of the PCs.


The Ice Nation is not open to PCs.

Mountain Men

We are no longer looking for Mountain Men PCs.

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