STORY ARC: We Are Grounders

This is the first major story arc of The 100 MUSH. All logs and memoirs pertaining to this arc will be linked here, in addition to being linked on the Scene List and Memoir List pages. Summaries will be updated on this page once a week to provide general information of what is happening in the arc.

Arc Summary

Week 1 (Days 1-7)

The delinquents have arrived on Earth, and have done what they can to start to set up a functioning camp with the single goal of survival. It has not been the most organized affair, with some delinquents attempting to do what is necessary for them to survive at the expense of others. As hunger and discomfort settle in, a small group of delinquents decide that it is time to head to Mount Weather, where Chancellor Jaha has said they will find supplies needed to survive the coming year(s).

During the trip to Mount Weather, the delinquents crossed the divided Potomac and sparked an attack from the Grounders — a term the delinquents are using to describe the fierce warrior clans that have managed to survive an irradiated Earth. Four delinquents were captured (Quinn, Morgan, Ruth, and Devin).

As the camp's delinquents tried to reconcile the fact that they weren't actually alone on Earth, the camp became divided over the proper response to the attack: some wanted to go on the offensive, hunting the Grounders down and taking back their people, others wanted to attempt diplomatic measures in hopes that clearing the air would lead to their friends' release, and the majority wanted nothing more than to hide in the dropship and hope that they go away.

The captured delinquents are found by scouting parties, and the camp is rallied together by Fiona, Grey, and Faolan to undertake a rescue mission — and to capture at least one Grounder. All four Delinquents are rescued, and two Grounders are captured, but one Delinquent and seven Grounders die. The captured Grounders are bound in the top floor of the dropship and questioned about Grounder ways.

Week 2 (Days 8-14)

The questioning of the captured Grounders begins to bear fruit, but the Camp is thrown into chaos by the descent of an escape pod containing the mother of Cameron and a radio that can reach the Ark. The Ark is contacted in time to save 320 people who had volunteered to die to extend the lives of the rest of the Arkers.

The Grounder prisoners are released by Grey, Fiona, and Faolan, and returned to the Grounder village of Coesbur to attempt to set up a peace summit. The Grounder chief, Oxfor kom Trikru, demands that the Skaikru heal the sickness that has spread through his village since the Skaikru prisoners were held there. If they do this, they may have a summit. Oxfor returns to the Camp to put this proposal forward.

The gathered Delinquents agree to help the Grounders, with Morgan and Silver leading the medical efforts. A vote is taken to determine who will represent the Delinquents at the summit if it can be attained. The negotiators chosen are Quinn, Fiona, and Morgan.

The medical team and their guards and assistants travel to Coesbur, the Grounder village, and begin healing the sick Grounders. The last dead (on both sides) of the skirmishes between Delinquents and Grounders are gathered in and laid to rest in their respective manners. The Delinquents in Coesbur begin learning about Grounder ways, and a counter-emissary is sent down to the Camp by the Grounders.

Grey is attacked by several other Delinquents for being too pro-Grounder (or Ark Loyalist, depending on who you ask). The attackers attempt (and fail) to pin the attack on Grounders. Quinn, Max, Alison, and Lip seek out an underground supply depot, returning with rifles, ammo, fatigues, blankets, and hallucinations from mold spores.

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